Firstit mediassa

Seuraavassa eri medioissa julkaistuja artikkeleita ja juttuja Firsteistä.

Hoskilainen 1/2010

Muutamia kisa-aiheisia videoita

Melisande ja Lutra Lutra kisaavat Suursaaren toisesta sijasta 2014:

Thetis Suursaaressa 2010:



2 Replies to “Firstit mediassa”

  1. Hey everyone,

    I became a proud First 31.7 owner recently and now looking to update my yacht with a Raymarine autopilot ev 200 with linear actuator (inside). The space is very limited there and I am looking for information and pictures how to assemble everything. Your advise and information about the solutions in your yacht would help me a lot and save me tons of time that I prefer to spend sailing.

    Jörg Horst



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