Masterclass info

Hi Guys and gals,

As announced at the AGM, Master Class is on. We will have an informal session this Saturday as timing is so close and then every Tuesday for the remainder of May.

Start time on Saturday is 0900 and we will try to finish by 1600. There is no huge rush for Saturday morning, a 0900 rendezvous is perfectly fine. Please bring your own lunch as we will eat on the water.

On Tuesdays we will use the same organisation as previously used, a quick briefing at 1715 on the steps of HSK clubhouse and then straight out to sea. Please have you boat ready to leave the dock prior to the briefing.

We will return to the dock so that people are able to be leaving by 2100 but as always, we will have a debrief in Blue Peter starting around 2050-2115 or so.

The BP kitchen is now open until 2200 and as always, I will be sticking around to chat.

I will also be participating to the Spring Cup regatta so we might try and look at having a debrief after racing and potentially I will try to get a RIB for one of the days and ask the RC if it would be fine for me to be on the course following.

If you need help with berthing at HSK, please let me know and we can push the harbour master.

All interested parties, please send me a quick email so that I can get a better idea of numbers ( or give me a call +358400767005). We’ll try to keep the entry fee at 350€ per boat ex new Doyle customers.

Looking forward to the season guys!








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