Beneteau Master Class 2014

”It’s on again! Following the success of Beneteau Master Class in 2013, a new training program has been scheduled. Master Class training sessions are specifically aimed at improving crew work, sail trim and providing a healthy environment for all types of sailors to learn. After one of the tightest years of racing in both First 31.7 and 36.7 classes, Master Class has shown what a solid training program with structured drills can do for all teams.”

– Matt Hodgson, Doyle Sails Finland

Lue lisää Master Classista (englanniksi, pdf):
Doyle 2014 Beneteau Master Class low-res

Water training session instructions (in English, pdf):Doyle_Sails_Master_Class_training_drills


5 Replies to “Beneteau Master Class 2014”

  1. Hi Guys! Quick notification, the MC theory session is moving from Thursday 17th April to Tuesday 29th April. It has been such a busy spring I forgot about Easter weekend! Sorry for the late notice. Please help me pass the new date around! Have a good weekend!


  2. Hei! Matt pyysi informoidaan, että 29.4. teoriailta on peruttu. Uusi ajankohta ilmoitetaan pikimmiten. Vielä on tilaa Mattimyöhäisille.


  3. Hi guys, we have the room booked now and everything is locked in. Book the date:
    Monday 5th May 1800 HSK Clubhouse

    We’ll be looking at the drills for the coming year + analysing footage from last years training sessions that will help us improve for the coming training sessions.

    Teams are still welcome to join and we will be aiming for a big group. 31.7 teams currently signed up are:
    Lutra Lutra
    Fun First

    Last year was really tight at the championships and I am sure this year will be even closer!

    If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me. It would be great to welcome as many boats as possible.



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