31.7 Sailing Academy – sail trim evening November 29 at HSK

31.7 sailors proudly presents a trim event for one design classes First 31.7 & 36.7. We will get first class tour hosted by Matt Hodgson, an Australian from Doyle Sails, nowadays representing Doyle Sails Finland. Matt has a long experience from sailing and sail design, he has been participating on many classic races, done Tour de France with M34 and was a member of team who built sails for Ericsson 3 & 4 in previous Volvo Ocean Race.

Target for the event is to share knowledge about trimming, sail design and give us an opportunity to ask questions and share some experiences. The more interactive the better.

The event will be held in HSK club house on November 29 at 18:00. Please use this unique opportunity to join us and gather your crew with you! The event is of course open for everybody having interest on one design classes and sail trimming.

Markku (Fun First) & Matt

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