Beneteau 31.7 / 36.7 Master Class starts on 25.4. at HSK (updated)

Here’s further information from Matt regarding the Master Class introduced at the annual meeting. Please read through the announcement document Beneateau Master Class. Further information also at Facebook.

Hi Everyone!

Here is the official Beneteau Master Class email. I do not have everyone’s email so please further distribute this as necessary. As I understand, it will also be posted to both 31.7/36.7 class websites and I will attempt to load it on FB too.

Please make note, enrollment will only be accepted via email. It is essential to write the Boat name and Sail Number. Crew shirt sizing should also be included in this email.

The cut off date for applications to the class training will be Wednesday 10th April.

Payment will be made via an invoice and bank transfer.

To qualify as a Doyle customer, you must have purchased a sail in the last 3 years. Orders placed up until the 10th April will be considered as Doyle customers, however, please consider delivery times on sails is between 6-8 weeks so if you want to have the sails available for the master class (recommended) it’s advised to order in due time.

Any further questions can be directed to

Let’s get everyone on the water and really show the Finnish sailing community that the 31.7/36.7 classes are the way to go!

Your’s in sailing







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  1. Petri / Lutra Lutra

    Beneteau Master Class Downwind training

  2. Perttu M. / Thetis

    Post updated, now official announcement (pdf) and Matt’s greetings attached.

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